Atacom Al-Khair Companey


We base our dealings and the performance of our tasks on transparency and clarity, and all our work is characterized by credibility and thus we become a company that our client can rely on in all tasks.

Finding solutions

Through our extensive experience in our field, we help the client find business solutions that meet his needs and suit his aspirations.

Work done & acceleration

In the performance of our tasks, we rely on the speed of delivery in a manner that does not affect the quality of the service provided.


We take into account in providing our services with high accuracy, which guarantees the quality of work and ease of service delivery, thus saving effort and money.

about us

The previous legal status of the companies in light of the economic challenges that Morocco experienced during the protection period, which included the issuance of basic legislation in several fields related to the economic and financial life. In pursuit of preserving the continuity of the contracting operation and considering that it has its economic weight in the country and the positions of cough in it, in parallel with the deterioration of the contracting sector in recent years, the contracting business in the private and public sectors increased and this increase is due to the state’s various projects and the increase in the citizen’s demand for construction and reconstruction. . This led to the temptation of many people to establish construction companies, as the aim of it is to make quick profits without real experiences and without intention




Engineering consultances

Medical Equipment